Television Broadcasting Tutorial 14


This tutorial outlines the wide range of skills and knowledge required to be a successful investigative journalist, an area of reporting that is changing. Advances in digital technology offer new ways to gather important information, creating fresh challenges and opportunities for investigative journalists.

Some of the principles discussed below are as old as journalism itself, while others reflect a new digital age of investigative reporting. But before we start, a simple question: What is investigative journalism? Basically, an investigative journalist seeks to uncover the truth, exposing corruption along the way. At its core is the heroic and idealistic notion of good overcoming evil and brave journalists going into battle waving the ‘sword of truth’.

The reality, of course, is much less glamorous and involves painstaking and meticulous research, numerous dead ends and hour upon hour of meeting sources and checking facts. But there is nothing more rewarding than a newspaper report or TV documentary that makes a genuine difference and improves people’s lives. That’s the ultimate aim of an investigative journalist.

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