Television Broadcasting Tutorial 25

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So, you want to create a blog. You’ve got an interesting niche subject and you’ve discovered content that will inform and entertain your reader. But what happens next? How will your blog look? Will it have interactive elements, for example? This post outlines some ideas for a WordPress blog:

The video link above contains a series of online tutorials that talk you through the whole process of how set up and maintain a successful blog.

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Television Broadcasting Tutorial 10


This tutorial picks up where the last post about SEO and online video left off and lists essential terms every aspiring online journalist should know about their chosen career.

By definition, an online journalist is multi-skilled and works across video, text, audio and stills simultaneously, so it’s important that he or she is knowledgeable about online journalism as a whole.

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Television Broadcasting Tutorial 9


A guide to online video and videoblogging on YouTube, and how to use SEO to maximise their impact. This builds on information discussed in Tutorial 6.

The television broadcast professionals of tomorrow will be multi-skilled. Of that, there is no doubt. They will seamlessly move from television to online content, and chances are they will be operating across a number of different platforms simultaneously. So it’s essential that programme-makers are aware of how online content is made and how the demands on them differ slightly.

Putting performing cats to one side for the moment (…did you know that 30,400,000 searches for ‘cat’ are made on Google every month? Yes, more than 30million!!!), online content has developed its own grammar.

Online journalism for instance, is video and text working together to tell a complete story. A journalist can write an article and embed a video alongside it to give a more rounded, 360-degree account of the news event, or he/she can make a video first and then write text to add another layer to the narrative. The story can be developed further with audio podcasts, pictures and links to other content online.

Online video was explored in Tutorial 6 which you may want to refer back to…

Another area where online video is proving useful is in helping to promote a company brand, which is the subject of this tutorial. Today, it’s vital that a business has a strong online presence, and company managers are quickly realising that video should be central to a marketing campaign.

The fact is that we are a visual society. Companies upload hours of video to websites, Twitter and Facebook. But this has to be quality video that engages an audience. Bad video gets ignored straight away because we simply don’t have the time to decipher and digest it.

This tutorial will discuss the following:

  • How to make online video with impact that engages a target audience
  • SEO – Maximizing the impact of a videoblog by attracting a large audience

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