Television Broadcasting Tutorial 25

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So, you want to create a blog. You’ve got an interesting niche subject and you’ve discovered content that will inform and entertain your reader. But what happens next? How will your blog look? Will it have interactive elements, for example? This post outlines some ideas for a WordPress blog:

The video link above contains a series of online tutorials that talk you through the whole process of how set up and maintain a successful blog.

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Television Broadcasting Tutorial 11


And they are… wait for it…

…the 10 Sections of the OFCOM CODE

 (not exactly glamorous, I know… but absolutely vital all the same)

Every broadcast professional – from television news journalist to producer of a sports magazine show – should know about the detail of the Ofcom Code. It’s the set of rules that governs the way commercial broadcasters operate in the UK. When it comes to factual programming for instance, the code states that commercial broadcasters must be impartial when covering politics and social issues, must be accurate, treat people fairly, respect privacy, avoid causing harm and offence and ensure that under-18s are protected from harmful material.

The code also contains guidance that applies to commercial references in television programmes including product placement, sponsorship, advertiser-funded programming and competitions. This information is becoming increasingly important as different business models are used to fund the making of programmes on commercial channels. Broadcasters of these kind of programmes must maintain editorial independence and clearly understand where the boundaries lie.

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Television Broadcasting Tutorial 10


This tutorial picks up where the last post about SEO and online video left off and lists essential terms every aspiring online journalist should know about their chosen career.

By definition, an online journalist is multi-skilled and works across video, text, audio and stills simultaneously, so it’s important that he or she is knowledgeable about online journalism as a whole.

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